For over 30 years we have been dealing with polyurethane. We started with industrial applications by casting, injection, and then later, from 1992, by spraying. During our production work, we have been deeply engaged in continuous study and research programmes.

Over the years we have collected information and gained experience throughout the world, but especially in the United States where these specific applications have already been widely used and evolved.

We have worked, and continue to work, with United States companies in order to offer our customers the best and most advanced products on the market. Our philosophy is to give quality, availability and service, convinced that every result is the fruit of collaboration.

We believe in and work towards the success of polyurethane and of polyureas, regardless of the usual scarce and rather shabby logic of competition at any cost. We are convinced that correct application is an effective means of advertising the products to potential new customers and, therefore, of “working for everyone”. Lack of preparation, approximations and errors inevitably lead to discontented customers, with the return of a negative image of both the Company and the technique applied.

With our customers, we want to have a constructive and pro-collaboration relationship. We take care to understand all needs, and to resolve problems as far as possible, but also to listen and assess the solutions that, having become masters, our applications encounter during the work.

We have made difficult choices. We have refused to produce and sell products of low or doubtful quality. We are aware that a low price does not always correspond to an exceptional product. We have knowingly given up all the sales that could have been concluded only on the basis of a low price. Our target is, and always remains, quality.

We have founded a “School” – training centre, for polyurethane spraying, since we are convinced that only by deep knowledge of the materials and of the equipment used can perfect applications, without defects or anomalies, be achieved.

Our Staff is specifically formed to prevent useless loss of time for the customer, to competently answer requests of a technical nature regarding the applications, and consequently to optimise action. We will always honour our motto: