All those who work in the sector of polyurethanes and polyureas are by now aware that these products are among the most “performing” plastic materials and among the easiest to apply. This knowledge conflicts with the fact that polyurethane resins are, in fact, among the products that are most difficult […]

  • FHI 4000 PROP

    FHI 4000 PROP

    With the FHI 4000 PROP, FUTURA completes its range of machines for spraying polyurethanes and polyureas. This hydraulic machine guarantees a running pressure of over 280 bars. It is a high performance and high power machine. The ratio is adjustable. This means that all products can be sprayed without no […]

  • FHI 3500

    FHI 3500

    The FHI 3500 is a high power and high capacity HYDRAULIC spray-machine. The machine has been designed to function in all conditions and with all products, at a ratio of 1:1 in volume. Its outstanding power allows for the application in pipes up to 100 metres in length, and it […]

  • AD 180 POWER

    AD 180 POWER

    The main feature of the spraying machine AD 180 POWER is that it is very small and light, which makes it particularly suitable for applications carried out in the workshop. The AD 180 POWER has a compressed air motor, and develops a maximum pressure on the sprayed product of 140 […]