The presence of asbestos in a house is an environmental safety issue.
Asbestos is a fibrous material that was used residentially for sound and heat insulation and fire protection.

Asbestos is often found in houses, in pipe and duct insulation on heating systems, in sealers on heating boilers, in roofing products, siding, stucco, plaster, drywall compound, panelling, ceiling tiles, floor tiles and sheet goods, wall and attic insulation and in asbestos-cement pipe.
If disturbed, the very small asbestos fibers can cause cancer and other types of lung disease when inhaled. The fibers are so small and light that if released into the air, they may float for several days.

If an asbestos test confirms the presence of asbestos, you may be required to use specially trained contractors to remove the asbestos.

The asbestos encapsulation can save you the expense and time required to remove the complete roof. This option eliminates the need to spend lots of money paying for the services of specialists in asbestos removal. The asbestos encapsulation requires a special coating or sealant be applied to the asbestos material to prevent the fibers from becoming airborne. This method is approved for the treatment of asbestos problems.