The Decor Chip system allows for obtaining surfaces with a granite effect, using chips of vinyl of various colours. The chips are spread over a surface where still fresh water based epoxy has been applied. The system contemplates the use, as a finish, of Diamond Epoxy or acrylic  urethane or […]


    This two-component water based epoxy can be effectively used for floors as a base coat for the successive application of the Mar Spec or Decor Chip products. It is extremely resistant and, although being an epoxy, maintains sufficient elasticity. It can also be effective as a “primer”.


    This product is a two-component transparent epoxy coating to be used as an impregnating finish on floors in FINE type cement. It is solvent-free with zero emissions, and is therefore suitable for indoor floors. It is applicable by roller.


    Cryistal Clear is an impregnating coating for floors in FINE type cement. It must be used only out of doors because of its high solvent content. It can be applied by a roller, and it gives a semi-gloss finish. Glass dust can be added to the product to give a […]


    A transparent and highly resistant coating. Acrylic urethane is a two-component product, applicable by roller or brush. It gives a gloss finish. Excellent for artistic flooring, recommended for indoor use.


    Polyaspartic  is a polyuria-polyurethane of the latest generation. The product features a very long pot-life, about 20 minutes; however, it then gels and hardens rather quickly. In fact, it can be walked on after about 2 hours. It is a two-component, transparent and very liquid product. Its final appearance is […]


    Mar Spec is a water based acrylic product which allows for producing the typical granite effect on a surface. It is available in many colours, and different concentrations can be used to obtain similarity to the most diverse granites existing in nature. It must be applied on surfaces suitably treated […]