Screed Crete is a product by Marbelite, with patent covering both name and composition.


The product is used by extrusion (spreading) for coating EPS cornices and elements of various kinds. Using a special machine, therefore, the product is evenly spread over the surface of the cornice, following the profile perfectly. The product dries by the evaporation of its water content. This can take more or less time according to the temperature and the relative humidity of the air.

Screed Crete can also by applied by spraying. In this case, a “Magic Plus” machine or the “Hopper Gun” will be used.

The feature of the product, once applied and dried, is strong resistance to blows and an intrinsic elasticity. This facilitates the handling of the cornices during their installation.

Furthermore, if mixed with the additive liquid and the specified quantity of water, the product will not dry and will not lose its properties of manageability provided it is kept hermetically sealed in a drum. Excess and left over product can therefore be recovered and used later, even many days later. Obviously, this means that the product is also very economic to use.