La Futura Europe rilascia certificati a coloro che frequentano i propri corsi

 FUTURA EUROPE issues certificates to those who follow the courses

The spray application technology of elastomeric polyurea or polyurethane is relatively recent. Most of those who consider this activity have a need for knowledge and information, which must be satisfied.

We refer, just to give one example, to the problems of preparing the surfaces onto which the elastomers are to be applied. Wood, concrete or metal require completely different preparations and primers.

Even the choice of the products requires in-depth knowledge. The polyurethanes or polyureas in their liquid state or when applied can be very similar in appearance, but the result is completely different according to their composition. The formula of polyurethanes can be based on raw materials that are completely different from each other.  There are at least 4 different base isocyanides and an infinite number of polyols which use different polyether or polyester resins with extremely different properties.

Therefore, it is very easy to make mistakes that inevitably lead to complaints and to the loss of large sums of money, as well as compromising the good name of the operator, with negative returns in terms of image, also  of the product concerned: whether it is polyurethane or polyurea.

FUTURE has always made available to customers all its experience and its know-how. It organises seminars and courses at its own premises in order to facilitate application and savings, by eliminating the possibility of expensive errors.

FUTURA is the only company that has founded a spray application “School”. At the Training Centre in Rotella, the customers can learn how to choose the right polyurethane or polyurea for the job, how to optimise application and how to identify possible innovative products exploiting the many features of very special products.

It is common knowledge that the polyurethanes and polyureas market developed mainly in the United States. Pursuant to this development, products specially formulated for diverse specific uses are available in the USA. In Europe, on the contrary, also due to the more limited market, all manufacturers tend to formulate a more limited range of products, seeking to use a polyvalent and multifunctional system for many different applications. Precisely for this reason, FUTURA, which first and foremost considers the quality and the specialisation of the application operators, has maintained close relations with the United States manufacturers, and distributes throughout Europe products formulated by leading American companies.


Demonstrations are held at our Training Centre for all those who are interested in the world of spray-applied polyurethanes and polyureas. The machines at work and the performances of the products can be observed, and the most suitable equipment for one’s own needs can consequently be chosen.

Anyone can contact us to fix an appointment. Our staff will be happy to organise a test session and show how today, thanks to the many innovations, spray application has become a simple job.

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The Training Centre is situated at Rotella, in the province of Ascoli Piceno. It is easily reached by taking the westward (hillside) exit of the A14 motorway, then following the Valtesino main road for about 22 km. The Centre is set in an oasis of uncontaminated nature. You will be welcomed warmly, according to tradition, in the ancient medieval boroughs, where you can enjoy the local cuisine of the Marche region, with flavours that have been maintained over the centuries.

FUTURA EUROPE issues certificates to those who follow the courses