Polyurethanes and polyureas are extremely versatile materials, now widely used to create decorative and scenic elements in general. Use ranges from the manufacture of artificial rocks that are entirely indistinguishable from the real thing, to decor creations. Large waterfalls found in gardens or huge trees positioned on terraces are often made of polyurethane. Light and strong, safe and environmental-friendly.

Polyurethane IS NOT TOXIC and can be disposed of by normal recycling processes or taken to a waste-to-energy plant. That polyurethane is harmful is a purely fictitious metropolitan legend of the past. It is enough to think that 60% of the typical cars is not in polyurethane, like most of our furniture and the elements of our decor.

In addition to the classic scenery and settings to be found in all theme parks like Gardaland, Disney World, etc., special furnishings for shops can also be made. As well as furnishings for wellbeing centres, saunas and Turkish baths.

The procedure of sculpting polystyrene, a soft and ductile material, and then coating it with a hard material like polyurethane, is now a technique commonly used in modern constructions. Thus we can see buildings with beautiful projecting cornices, string courses and walls. All strictly in polyurethane.

The great ductility of this material can be seen very well at Las Vegas and Orlando. All the large theme hotels have been constructed with the wide use of this material, and the result is before everyone’s eyes.