The polyurethane foam has been found to be the most efficient material for thermal insulation. The conduction coefficient is indicated as “λ”.

Thermal conduction is influenced by several factors. The most important are the density of the foam (the best values are found with a density between 30 and 40 Kg/m3) and the uniformity of the cell structure.

In fact, thermal exchange in materials and cell structure mainly takes place by conduction through the solid walls of the cells and by irradiation through the cells.

Coibentazione di Pareti
Coibentazione di Pareti

The factors that determine the efficiency of polyurethane foam over time are:
– compacting
– the percentage of humidity (expressed in quantity of water over quantity of dry material)
– aging.

Evidently, according to the different quality, the values differ and can cause variations in both efficiency and duration.

In general, the presence of water inside the material will have a more or less damaging effect according to the quality and type of product used. In the case of rigid expanded materials, the most important factor which influences differences in performance over time is the internal penetration of the air until a balance is reached.

Furthermore, if directly exposed to weather conditions, a rigid polyurethane foam can absorb not only air but also water, saturating the cell with humidity, at times with relevant percentages.  These phenomena vary according to: the thickness of the foam, the type of expanding agent used, the features of the expansion (percentage of closed cells, uniformity, direction of the cells, permeability of the polymer used), temperature, application conditions.

The life and the features of the polyurethane foam will therefore last over time according to the protection applied to the product. Some application systems can slow down or even annul the aging phenomenon. In flooring, the screed represents an excellent protection. In roofs, the application of a protection in elastomer, compact elastomeric polyurethane or polyurea, is the ideal solution.

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