Rust is a phenomenon that regards industrial plant in general, especially in the field of rock salt mining, salt works in general, purification systems, and in the mining and processing of aggressive minerals. Rust also regards the means used for the transport of materials as well as fishing boats and structures built off shore or near the sea.

Rustproof coatings in spray-applied polyurethanes and polyureas are the best solution to protect container tanks of various kinds, such as:

–  the lining of underground tanks;

–  the lining of aboveground tanks;

–  coatings for ducts and pipelines;

–  the lining of concrete tanks;

–  coatings of metallic containers;

–  coatings of cold storage holds on fishing boats and fishing vessels in general;

–  the lining of silos;

–  coatings of metallic structures.

Technical data sheet (TDS): VFI 205, VFI206, VFI 209, VFI210, CHM…., FUT302