Polystyrene is rigid, but it is a weak material; it can easily be moulded into the required shapes but it is certainly fragile. Therefore, for uses which require resistance over time, it must be suitably coated with a material that offers sufficient guarantees for the specific application.

FUTURA EUROPE offers a technology that has been tried and tested over many years: polystyrene coated by spray-applied rigid polyurethane.

This is not a new system; it was widely used, immediately after the world war II, in Germany for the fast reconstruction of building ornaments. This technique was then used for the construction of puppets and other sculpted objects in theme parks (see Disney, Gardaland, etc.). In Italy, FUTURA started proposing this system in 1994.

Many different materials are used for this type of coating, chosen according to the intended use of the coated object.

Classic hard coating materials: VFI 2512, VFI 2513, VFI 2514, CHM 7000, CHM7001, CHM 7465 CHM 7050 etc.

The coatings can also be flexible, as in the case of formworks or moulds: FUT 301, FUT 302, VFI 205, VFI 210

There is really no precise limit to the possible applications: the construction of building cornices, urns, tanks, plant holders, columns, etc. etc.