FUTURA EUROPE is convinced that maximum performance can be obtained from a product only if the user knows everything about it. Similarly, to ensure that a machine does not give problems, it is necessary to know that machine and to apply the requested maintenance rules.

We have always realised that making good machines is not everything; we must also give users the possibility of training, so that they will thus be able to obtain maximum performance.

Polyurethanes all look the same: but this is a tragic error. In fact, not only is it untrue, but the differences can be such as to compromise, in some cases, the good name of the polyurethane itself.

We have therefore decided that theory and practical courses had to be organised by which we prepare technicians who will then have perfect knowledge of the polyurethane, the machines, and the applications.

For the perfect execution of a job and its excellent result, users in general must have a positive opinion of polyurethanes and of the machines.

Our Training Centre is fully outfitted with all models of spray machines and of paint cabins.