One of the main problems concerning building in general, both civil and industrial building, today is waterproofing, of both roofs and foundations.

It is not at all rare, entering a building, to notice signs due to the seepage of water and to the presence of humidity evidenced by the detachment of pieces of plaster or the formation of moulds.

The traditional systems used are the classic tarred coatings or the more or less elastomeric cement mortars. All these systems have serious problems that we have all doubtless had occasion to encounter in own experiences.

FUTURA EUROPE offers a range of dedicated polyurethanes and polyureas for spray application especially designed to resolve this type of problem.

The greatest advantage of the system is that spraying gives a continuous membrane, without joints, which can also reach all points quickly and easily. The coating also adheres perfectly to the surface, thus eliminating any possible channels of water that can otherwise develop under the membrane itself, as often happens with other types of linings.

The elastomeric polyurea or polyurethane membrane can be very successfully applied in the following situations:

Directly on concrete, (FUT 301, VFI 205, FUT 302, VFI 540 ALL etc.)

On pre-existing tarred coating  (VFI 540 ALL)

– On polyurethane foam (FUT 301, VFI 205, FUT 302, VFI 540 ALL etc.)

On sheet metal or aluminium roofs (VFI 540 ALL)

Under screed (FUT 301, FUT 302, VFI 205 etc.)

– For waterproofing foundations (FUT 301 black, FUT 302 black, VFI 205 black)

Swimming pool linings (FUT 301, FUT 302, VFI 205)

For other uses, contact FUTURA. The range of applications carried out is huge, with documented applications dating as far back as 18 years.